NJ ASk….The most boring thing invented!

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

I see no real point to testing us on NJ ASK. We don’t get a real grade, we just get a bar graph in the mail that parents just end up throwing away anyway. And I’ve done this so much I don’t really find the NJ ASK as terrible anymore, doesn’t mean I won’t try or anything, just it’s not that terrible anymore. Maybe terribly boring is the word for t! At least we can squeeze the extra 45 minute outdoor time, thats always fun!

  1. I LOVE NJ ASK!!!!! says:

    You know i kinda like NJ ask testing…..

    Aren’t glad i told you, if i never said anything you would have never known i like the NJ ASK!!!

    • I like the activities that come after it. I’ve done the NJ ASk so many times I don’t get nervous around testing time.
      The extra recess time is awesome though!

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