Back from Skateboard camp

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sorry I haven’t been blogging recently, probably because I was just at skateboard camp at Camp Aldersgate (I’ll provide a link later)

Camp was amazing this year, good food, great friends, nice staff, fun activities and road trips, and LOTS of skateboarding!

I was dropped off two Sunday’s ago and the camp lasted for a week. The first two days we did archery, swimming, feild games and had extra skate time. The last three days we took trips to two different skate parks. The first one we went to twice because of money and buget reasons which I will not get into right now. The first one was at the shore and right across from the beach. I got to try some ramps (and fall on my butt a couple times) and then when we got all sweaty we went across the road to cool off in the beach and catch some waves. The next and last skatepark we went to was more local and you might have heard of it before, it’s called GardenSk8. It has one of the largest drop-in bowls on the east coast (non-skateboarders can go look up what a drop-in bowl is 😉 and i tried the small drop in half-pipe and fell of course but then I did a different type if ramp where you skate in and I actually made it and did it pretty good!

Last week was pretty exciting and I’d definatly do it again! But I’m glad to be home with my family and blogging again!

Aldersgate facebook page:!/pages/Newton-NJ/Aldersgate-Center/110422097769?ref=ts&__a=20&ajaxpipe=1


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