Happy (late) Boxing day!

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Had a pretty good Christmas with my family on my dads side.
Some of the top things I got:
1) A Gorillaz band T-shirt
2) A new keyboard
3) A rangers tote bag (IN YOUR FACE DEVILS FANS)
4) a chefs jacket with my name on it
5) and pajamas

I got pretty much what I asked for, probably because I had pretty much nothing but 5 things on my christmas list.
And I got some things that i didn’t even ask for that were really cool (like the tote bag and chef jacket)
And my brothers list compared to my list was like as long as the line of 8 year old girls lineoutside a jonas brothers concert. there was like 15 or more things on his list, no joke. but he got the top things on his list and in all me and my brother were happy with what we got.

Happy Holidays


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