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Posted: February 11, 2010 in Pets: My weird cats and awesum dog

This is shelby after the snow yesterday!



Posted: February 9, 2010 in Pets: My weird cats and awesum dog

We are confused why Shelby dosen’t chew bones or fetch like normal dogs do.  Ever since we had her her playtime is walking or running around the yard.  Is that normal?  Not to mention my cat has an identity crisis and copies my dogs every move and even tries to steal shelby’s food out of her bowl only to be pulled away by us.  My pets are not what you call normal.

Here is a pic of my dog shelby.  we don’t know how old she is and we think she is a border collie/lab/chow mix ish?

Carlotta is a girl. You probably didn’t meet her yet so here is a picture of her and today she needed food so she was stalking me and meowing, here is a cool picture of her in the middle of when she’s meowing.

Today I saw my cat lying on his back bcuz he copies my dog (Lol) and then he sneezed and that made him roll over (like a dog)  I think he thinks hes a dog  O.o  He has an identity crisis.  Lol look at his position xD

Ok so this is kinda old bcuz I haven’t got to hang out with my cats yet today bcuz I was at physical therepy for my back so I promise I’ll get something better tommorow