This is all about me on this page!

1. Music is my life

2. I am killer at piano

3. I love the band Gorillaz (they’re british)

4. I also play ukulele, melodica, harmonica, guitar and flute

5. I hate Twilight (but dont we all!?)

6. I’m not really afraid of much.

7. I like to draw

8. I think zombies are cool

9. I am NOT emo (which you might have thought because of the two previos ones)

10. I hate squirrels

11.  I belive Justin Beiber fell off the ladder trying to reach puberty

12. I like to make people laugh

13. I watch ice hockey instead of football

14. I like the New York Rangers (hockey if you didnt know)

15.  I haven’t used this blog in over a year

16.  Life isn’t short, it is long.  But the peroid of time that you can do fun things without worrying about it is short, so make the most of that short time.

17. I like to do scary things, but they don’t usually scare me.  So I guess the only reason I do scary things is to see how scared everyone else gets. haha, wow, I must sound evil.

Thats pretty much  it.  And my friends probably know there is much much much much much more.  But it wouldn’t fit on this page.

K then

you can stop reading now

k bye


  1. BOB F. says:

    1 ok before you say anything i am not a stalker. 2 your making movies ? 3 I know alot more about you than that but it’s not like i would keep track of everything

  2. BOB says:

    NO BAD…….

  3. BOB says:

    no olivia

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