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Thank god we have a snowday! I was so tired this morning when I woke up and thought we had school. But then my dad told me we had a delayed opening and I was content with having an extra hour of sleep, but then when I woke up again I found out we had no school cause of the slush. Thank God.


Happy MLK day!

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Well today I enjoyed my day off and thought about that guy named Martin Luther King who had this dream. You all know the story so instead of relfecting on it, I’ll just tell you what I did today! My dad and my brother went to that one pond in Newton to go ice skating,I wish I could have gone but the hockey skates didn’t fit me. So instead I went to Walmart and got Just dance for Wii and then went to Dunkin Donuts. Pretty good day I guess.

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Today in health we didn’t do much. So I just talked to people about cetaphobia (the fear of whales) It was a pretty productive conversation until Billy mentioned he has killed whales since he was seven and has over 100 different harpoons. Yea, I have no idea either.

Happy Snow Day!

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I know this is kinda late because the snow day is almost half over but still happy snow day anyway. Today I had my neighbor Shannah over and we played Wii and drank hot chocolate and played in the snow. Our idea of playing in the snow is doing front rolls down my big hill and then tripping when we got back up and walked. Yea, we’re pretty average I guess.


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WE MUST HAVE A SNOWDAY! I’m watching all these schools be cancelled on the news. but you know our school. They always like to cancel last minute at like 5:30 when you are trying to catch up on your sleep.

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This weekend I accomplished a couple of things
1) I went bowling
2) Made the best fort ever
3) ate chicken nuggets
4) and bought a panda hat

happy new year

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im surprised I’m even consious to write this. BUt happy new year.

my new years resolutions are:
~get more active
~Stop going on the computer so much
~keep my room clean
~Get a nerf gun
~get the dart board with the Edward cullen picture on it that I have always dreamed of

aaaaaaannnnnndddddd thats about it